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Brown Formal  Shoes for Men
Brown Formal Shoes for Men

Brown Formal Shoes for Men

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Part Number: S37532BRN
Availability: Open for New Orders
MOQ: 24 Pairs
Brand: Customized Branding Available
Lead Time: 35 Days
Sizes in Package: 39, 40, 41, 42, 43 (EU)
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MOQ: 24 pairs (3 Sets)

Material (Upper)100% Genuine Leather

Material (Sole): TPR 

Material (Lining): Leather + Textile

Color: Brown

Type: Dress Shoes/Formals

Style: Derby

Unit: Pair

Package Details: 
1 set contains 8 boxes of shoes. Each box contains 1 pair of shoes. [1 Carton = 1 Set = 8 boxes = 8 Pairs of Shoes]

Below are the details of the sizes of shoes included in each set:

                                       Size Details 
 Size (EU) Size (US)Size (UK)  Quantity (in each set)  
396.561 Pair
 4076.52 Pairs
 4187.52 Pairs
 4298.5 2 Pairs
 43109.5 1 Pair
All measurements are average foot lengths and they don't pertain to any particular shoe.

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